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  • Shanghai Zhiguang Fuse Co.,Ltd.

    27Years Professional manufacturer of fuse

    Win lEC Standards and national GBl3599 and GBl5166 standards

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    SHANGHAI ZHIGUANG FUSE CO.,LTD Certificate of honor

    Shanghai Zhiguang Fuse Co.,Ltd. Is praducing various voltage high-voitage fuse for 12KV-66KV line and transformer protection ,high-voltage linmiting curret fuse;high-voltage fusespecially forpower  capacitor high voltage limiting current fuse formotor protection and high-voltage linmiting Current fuse for mutual inductor protcetion.Shanghai Zhiguang fuse Co.,Ltd. Foundedin 1990,it is appointed to Produce various Voltage grade high-voitage fuses,high-voltage limiting current fuses,high sfor power capacitor......

    • Fuse with maintenance:1)Short circuit fault or overload operation and normal fusing;2)Melt use time is too long, or in the operation of high temperature melt due to oxidation, make the melt characteri...
    • Fuse body set up main function is in the circuit failure occurs when the circuit can cut off safely and reliably, thus providing protection for the discrete components or the entire circuit. The follo...